Have One Last Summer Outing At Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

children jumping on the trampline
Summer is winding down, and families are getting ready to return to school. But before that happens, maximize the last of summer with fun and excitement. Indoor trampolining is one of those activities your child can do, rain or shine. Have one last summer outing the whole family will love... [read more]

Make A Note Of These Carpooling Safety Tips

kids getting ready for school
Carpooling is an efficient way of getting a group of people to the same destination. Many people can ride with only a single driver, meaning fewer cars on the road and fewer emissions. But whether you know your driver and other carpoolers well or not, it is essential to protect... [read more]

How To Care For Your Yard In The Heat Of The Summer

lawn at home.
As a homeowner, you work hard to keep your property in Glendale, WI, looking nice. This can become a bigger challenge in the summer when the heat comes. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to maintain a well-manicured, green lawn. As you do these things consistently, you can have... [read more]

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day In Glendale, WI

kids happily enjoying ice cream
There’s never a bad time to enjoy a delicious dish of ice cream. Furthermore, you can’t pick a wrong occasion to eat an ice cream treat of any kind. However, summer is ideal for ice cream, so it’s no wonder National Ice Cream Day is during this season. The big... [read more]

Set Your Eyes On Lynden Sculpture Garden

Angel Statue Fountain in Garden
Seeing inspirational art shouldn’t be impossible to find. Certain works can impress and mesmerize. Others are so unique that they enthrall and even surprise. One popular form of art is a sculpture. Some of the most stunning sculptures in Wisconsin are at the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Moreover, this venue has... [read more]

Prepare Your Vehicle For A Summer Road Trip

happy friends traveling by car
Road tripping and summer go hand in hand for many people in Glendale, WI. Whether you’re exploring new territory or going back to a favorite spot, there’s a lot to look forward to. However, nothing is more important than your safety. Therefore, you need to ensure that your vehicle is... [read more]

How To Teach Your Kids About Independence Day

Fourth of July cake with berries and cream
Independence Day is a fun and engaging holiday for people of all ages. The firework shows, parades, and cookouts make Fourth of July celebrations especially enjoyable for children. However, there is more to preparing for the holiday than finding the best firework and light shows in Glendale. In addition, parents... [read more]

Enjoy A Summer Dog From Dr. Dawg

Classic Chicago Dog
If you're craving the taste of summer, head over to Dr. Dawg for a delicious dog fresh off the grill. Located in Glendale, this fast-casual restaurant gives an entirely new meaning to chowing down on a hot dog. From dogs to sausages, and beef, there are plenty of flavors to... [read more]

Charcoal vs. Gas: Which Grill Is Best for You?

BBQ on weekend.
People certainly have strong feelings about whether a gas or charcoal grill is better. However, there are benefits to using both options. And both charcoal and gas grills have their downsides, too. So which grill should you use? If you’re not already shouting at the screen, read on to compare... [read more]

The Importance Of A Tire Rotation

tire rotation
Many drivers don’t realize the importance of tire rotation. With all the technology we have today to constantly improve tire and vehicle performance, drivers don’t realize how necessary getting your vehicle's tires rotated is. A tire rotation service will always remain an important step in car maintenance. What Does Tire Rotation... [read more]