Last-Minute Easter Brunch Done Right

Easter brunch table with fruit, bread, coffee, and orange juice.
If you're hosting an Easter brunch this Sunday, and you have no idea what to make, don't worry. David Hobbs Honda has you covered. Our team is dedicated to getting you exactly what you need when you need it. So, check out this list of quick and easy brunch ideas... [read more]

Have A Collision Free Future With Honda

open road through forest at sunrise
Safety has always been a top priority for everyone at Honda, and that dedication is evident in the high safety ratings found throughout the modern Honda lineup. Honda vehicles are designed to keep their passengers safe, even in the face of hazards, and state-of-the-art technology can also help mitigate collisions... [read more]

Try Out These 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

vegetables and meat in a crock pot slow cooker
Sometimes a delicious meal is surprisingly easy to make. If you want a tasty dinner with minimal grocery shopping and prep work, get out the slow cooker and try these three-ingredient recipes. Crock Pot Ranch Chicken For this fork-tender, flavorful chicken, you’ll only need three simple ingredients and an afternoon. The recipe... [read more]

Your Glendale Travel Guide

With warmer weather upon us, it's the perfect time to venture outside and experience and explore all that Glendale has to offer. Our quaint little town is best known for its charm and for it being one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. Glendale offers coffee shops, parks,... [read more]

Add Some Texture With This DIY Board And Batten

board and batten wall
One way to give a room a quick refresh is to update the walls. Your update could be as simple as a new coat of paint, a new wallpaper, or something a little more involved that adds texture and interest to the room. Like a board and batten wall that... [read more]

David Hobbs Honda: CARFAX 2021 Dealer Of The Year

The awards continue to pile up for David Hobbs Honda following the announcement that Glendale's preeminent Honda dealership has earned the title of 2021 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer. This follows the news that the dealership also earned the 2022 DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award for Outstanding Customer Experience. These distinguished titles come as... [read more]

Snag A Slice At Trouble And Sons Pizzeria

Hand Made Marinara Pizza
Are you on a quest to find the perfect slice of pizza? You’ve probably worked your way through many pies, but you’ve yet to find one that makes you stop in your tracks. That means it’s time to head to Trouble and Sons Pizzeria in White Bay, Wisconsin. This rustic... [read more]

Meaty Soups To Keep You Warm

Homemade Wild Rice and Chicken Soup in a Bowl
It’s been a long winter, and you’ve likely been looking for ways to stay warm and cozy. Instead of piling on yet another blanket, how about eating a piping hot bowl of homemade soup? Hot soup is the ultimate comfort food and will help you forget about the chill in... [read more]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

affectionate couple on Valentine's Day
Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you this year? One minute, you were unwrapping Christmas gifts, and now, you’re scrambling to find the perfect present for the romantic holiday. It might be coming up fast, but you still have time to find something for that special someone. Check out these... [read more]

Spring-Proof Your Vehicle With These Tips

man soaping his car.
Did you know that winter is hard on vehicles? The cold weather, rock salt, excessive moisture, and other factors can damage your car and force you to make expensive repairs. Fortunately, it’s not too late to undo the damage that winter caused and get your car ready for spring. You... [read more]