5 Things To Do With The Family After Christmas

Family completing a puzzle together after Christmas

The magic and fun of Christmas doesn’t have to end as soon as the last present is unwrapped and Christmas dinner is put away.  Keep the holiday cheer going with these five fun things you can do with your family after Christmas.

Complete a 1,000 Piece Puzzle

If you have kids, completing a large puzzle together during the week following Christmas is a fun way to pass the time. It will keep their minds sharp and give you something to do together as a family. Pick a puzzle that doesn’t have a Christmas or New Year’s theme. You’ll be more likely to keep working on it past the holidays if you don’t complete it before New Year’s Day. It will also be something that you can display once it’s complete.

Shop The After-Christmas Sales

If you like to shop, get some retail therapy by exploring the after-Christmas sales around Glendale. When you’re shopping during a sale it can be easy to over spend. Make a budget before you start and give yourself and your family members clear limits before you enter the first store. Having limits before you start will make the outing fun instead of stressful.

Dine-In at a Popular Restaurant

During the holidays, some places that are normally fully booked are a little less crowded because people are traveling. If that’s the case for a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try, book a table for you and your family.

Explore the Local Museum

Check out the Milwaukee Museum of Art. While your kids are still out of school you can take a trip to the museum. Check out the local artist on display and the current exhibits. It’s a calming experience that can help teach your children about culture. Plus, the museum might still have its Christmas decorations up and that will be fun to see.

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Purge Your Closets

How many members of your family got new clothes for Christmas? Well, all the new items need somewhere to go don’t they. Take the time between the Holidays to purge your closet. Make a trash pile, a donation pile, and a give away pile. When you’re done you can hang up all your new clothes in a neat, decluttered closet.

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