Casserole Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

Taking a casserole from the oven.

It’s known by many different names: goulash, covered dish, hotdish. Whatever you call it, casseroles have been around for a long time. Let’s talk about some fun variations on this classic way to combine some of our favorite flavors.

Cheesy Goodness

If you want a dish that’s just as cheesy as some Dad jokes you’ve heard, check out this chicken fajita casserole. This is a perfect dish to make on a weeknight when you’re going to be busy doing other things. It takes only 40 minutes to cook, and it all cooks in one pan. This casserole is loaded with flavorful chicken, delicious bell peppers, fajita seasoning, and melty cheese. As an added benefit, this recipe is low-carb. Not in the mood for chicken? With a little prep time — and some hours in the slow cooker — this lamb and sweet potato casserole dish will satisfy you.

Sweet Treats

Of course, not every casserole has to be savory. There’s that Southern favorite, sweet potato casserole, as well as dessert casseroles that will make your sweet tooth happy. This baked pumpkin French toast with maple glaze will be a big hit. It’s warm and flavorful and sweet, a sure bet as the temperature drops in the winter months. It’s a little decadent, and it takes some prep work to get the recipe just right, but it’s so, so worth it.

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The Old Standby

And then there’s chicken hotdish. The old standby. There are many variations of the chicken casserole, and it’s likely that your family has their own special version. This chicken broccoli rice casserole is a great recipe that’s basic enough that you can put your own spin on the dish. Eight ingredients, one dish, and 40 minutes of cook time. That’s all you need to put this casserole on the table. It’s easy to throw together, and it’s also easy to customize to suit your family’s taste. Go on, get you some!

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