Easy Homemade Sweets For Your Easter Basket

Chocolate Easter eggs with dessert sprinkles on a table top view background pattern flat lay

Easter is a very sweet and sacred holiday. It is a great time of year to celebrate life and be thankful for all of your blessings. There are many ways you can observe the holiday with family and friends. Make it extra special this year with homemade treats for your kids’ Easter baskets.

Dipped Chocolate Truffles

There is something wonderfully decadent about truffles. They are the perfect treat to enjoy for Easter, especially if you have just completed Lent. Truffles may seem like a difficult treat to make, but this recipe makes it quite simple. You can make truffles specific for the holiday by making these cute Easter Egg Truffles.

Soft & Chewy Caramel

While sour candy seems to be the rage for kids of this generation, your children are certain to enjoy these sweet homemade caramels that are soft and chewy. Caramels are quite simple to make and require ingredients that you probably already have in your refrigerator. When you wrap these caramels in wax paper as the recipe suggests, then you can enjoy these sweets for up to two weeks when kept at room temperature.

Chocolate-Dipped Honeycomb

Whether you call it honeycomb, hokey pokey, or sponge candy, this indulgent treat is definitely one you should add to your Easter baskets this year. Making honeycomb may sound complicated; but it all comes together nicely, especially when you follow this easy recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Honeycomb. As the name suggests, honeycomb consists of honey. However, if you do not have any honey on hand, you can make honeycomb candy with maple syrup as well.

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Assemble Your Kids Easter Baskets

After you have made these sweet homemade goodies, it is time to assemble the Easter baskets for your children. You can use clear cellophane bags or large plastic eggs to hold the candies. Place the filled plastic eggs and cellophane bags inside your kids’ Easter baskets along with other little trinkets to help observe this sweet and sacred holiday. When your kids discover the basket on Easter morning, they are certain to be delighted in these homemade treats. It will be an even more special moment for them if you let your children assist you in making these homemade candies.

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