Make This Fall Wreath For Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving autumn wreath on an old wood background

If you’re hosting Friendsgiving this year and you want to make a big impression on your friend group, make this huge DIY fall floral wreath to greet them at the door. Follow these nine steps for great results.

Step 1 -2 : Gather Materials

To put this wreath together you’ll need a grapevine wreath which you can find at any hobby store. Then grab pruning snips and floral wire.

Next, head to your favorite florist shop and pick out a variety of plants. You can stick to traditional fall colors like orange and red or you can try mixing it up with things like sage green. There’s no perfect amount of flowers, so you’ll have to guestimate based on how big your wreath is. You’ll also want a few branches to help build your base.  You can see the full list of plants the staff at sunset chose here.

Step 3 -4: Build Your Base

Start your base by pushing the large branches through the grapevines to attach them.

Then, create a crescent shaped base for your focal point by layering your darkest foliage over the branches first then adding the lighter colors.

Step 5 – 6: Layer Your Focal Point

Use the floral wire to group together bunches of loose flowers that won’t push through your grapevine wreath easily. Next, create a focal point by layering on eye catching material. The staff at Sunset chose dried sponge mushrooms attached to wooden stems to form their focal point.

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Step 7 – 8: Add Something to Make it Pop

Embellish your focal point further with accents that will draw a viewer in as soon as they approach your door. Once you’ve created a focal point, go back and fill in any sparse areas with the flowers and plants that remain. Try to balance the colors as you work and don’t add elements that will draw attention away from the focal point.

Hang up your wreath and prepare to get a bunch of compliments when your friends arrive for Friendsgiving Dinner.

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