Enjoy A Summer Dog From Dr. Dawg

Classic Chicago Dog

If you’re craving the taste of summer, head over to Dr. Dawg for a delicious dog fresh off the grill. Located in Glendale, this fast-casual restaurant gives an entirely new meaning to chowing down on a hot dog. From dogs to sausages, and beef, there are plenty of flavors to go around.

Dawgs and Sausages

You don’t have to worry about quality food when it comes to Dr. Dawg. The dawgs are the hottest area, as they are 100% beef. Both the dogs and the sausages are served on a poppy seed bun. Check out the menu choices:

  • Chicago Style Hot Dawg: relish, mustard, tomato, sweet onion, peppers, dill pickle, and celery salt
  • Chili Dawg: Texas chili, sweet onion, and shredded cheddar
  • Cheese Dawg: covered in melted cheddar cheese
  • Big Half and Half: Chicago-style with Maxwell Street Polish sausage
  • Slaw Dog: dawg topped with house-made slaw
  • Maxwell Street Polish Sausage: mustard, caramelized onions, sweet peppers
  • and more!

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Italian Beef and Sausage

You aren’t just limited to dawgs! Check out Mr. Dawg’s delectable beef and sausage options:

  • Italian Beef: slow-roasted beef smothered in Italian seasonings and thinly sliced
  • Italian Beef and Sausage Combo: both beef and dawg, Chicago style
  • The Jake: Italian beef smothered in Mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers, served between French bread

Be sure to check out the Meatball Grinder, Buffalo Chicken, and burger options as well. Complete your meal with a fountain beverage and a side of fries too!

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