Have One Last Summer Outing At Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park

children jumping on the trampline

Summer is winding down, and families are getting ready to return to school. But before that happens, maximize the last of summer with fun and excitement. Indoor trampolining is one of those activities your child can do, rain or shine. Have one last summer outing the whole family will love at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Brown Deer.

Exercise, But Make it Fun

The founders of Rockin’ Jump believe it’s essential to move your body and get healthy exercise. However, some people are bored with making the same moves over and over. Indoor trampolining takes leg strength, cardiovascular strength, and a lot of energy. But because you’re moving your body on the trampolines and having fun, you may not realize how much your muscles are working.

Safe Jumps and Tricks

At Rockin’ Jump, the staff wants everyone to stay safe and enjoy their time. You can do several things before setting foot on the trampolines to keep yourself and others safe. For example, take everything out of your pockets, including your keys and a pen or pencil. As you tumble, the things in your pockets can come loose and create safety issues for you or others. You should also take off all of your jewelry and wear comfortable clothing that flexes and stretches with you.

It’s Party Time

If you’re thinking about organizing a party to celebrate the end of the summer, that’s a great idea. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park offers several party packages, depending on the size of the party and even the age of your little one. Not only do the party packages include a lot of jump time, but you’ll also get pizza, drinks, and plenty of time in the party room. If you have late summer babies, organize a birthday party they’ll never forget.

More Than Just Trampolines

Even if your kids have been to Rockin’ Jump before, they’ll be thrilled to go back for one last summer outing. That’s because there are so many great features and games to play. Your kids can practice their parkour skills, free climb a rock wall with no harness, or zoom along the zip line. Kids can also play together in the dodgeball arena, on the X-Beam, or in the Slam Dunk Zone.

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Time to Make Some Memories

Once school starts, finding the time for a super-fun place like Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park can be challenging. End the summer on a high note, and bring the family to Rockin’ Jump for a day of healthy activity and fun, lasting memories. From the youngest tots to the adults who are kids at heart, trampoline fun is waiting. Let’s go!

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