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Try Out These 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

vegetables and meat in a crock pot slow cooker
Sometimes a delicious meal is surprisingly easy to make. If you want a tasty dinner with minimal grocery shopping and prep work, get out the slow cooker and try these three-ingredient recipes. Crock Pot Ranch Chicken For this fork-tender, flavorful chicken, you’ll only need three simple ingredients and an afternoon. The recipe... [read more]

Make These Milk Bar Treats In Your Own Kitchen

Woman preparing pie dough with flour and butter
Did you know that you can make Milk Bar treats at home using the company recipes? While most companies keep recipes under lock and key, Milk Bar freely shares them with its customers. Check out some of the most popular (and tasty) Milk Bar recipes so you can enjoy a... [read more]

Meatless Pastas You’ll Swoon Over

Pasta penne with roasted tomato, sauce, mozzarella cheese.
Whether someone is actually vegetarian or they want to take a break from meat, more and more people are looking into vegetarian recipes. When it comes to something as simple as pasta, there is no shortage of recipes out there. So, let’s take a look at some of the most... [read more]

You’ll Be Hopping All Over These Carrot Cakes

Homemade carrot cake dessert on white plate.
Does the very idea of carrot cake make your mouth water? You can’t get enough of this delicious cake, and you would even like to learn how to make it yourself. These carrot cake recipes are a great starting point. They let you step outside of the box a bit... [read more]

These Ideas For Dinner Are Egg-Cellent

Healthy raw kale and quinoa salad with poached egg on top
Eggs aren’t just for breakfast. They are also perfect for dinner when you choose the right recipes. Check out these egg-cellent recipes that will make you excited about dinner time. From Middle Eastern cuisine to American favorites, you’re sure to find the ideal meal. Let’s dive in, so you can... [read more]

Start Your Day Off With These Filling Breakfast Ideas

Banana Pancakes with peanut butter
Whether you are staying in for a snow day, or just looking to make your winter day a little more fun, we have found some amazing breakfast recipes for you to try. There is nothing better than waking up on a cold morning and starting the day with a hot... [read more]

Let This Buffalo Chicken Dip Warm You Up

Homemade hot buffalo chicken dip with crostini close up in baking dish.
Buffalo chicken dip is a creamy, classic dish that is great for any function! Whether you are making it for a sports game, a birthday party, or a potluck, it's always the first dip to disappear. The best part about this dish is that it couldn’t be easier to make.... [read more]

Amp Up The Autumn Vibes With This Pumpkin Chili Recipe

Chili with Red Kidney Beans
There is nothing better than cold weather paired with your favorite warm foods.  If you are looking to mix up your usual fall recipes, we have the perfect dish for you to try. Pumpkin and chili are two foods we see a lot of during the fall season, but have... [read more]

Take Your Guac Recipe To The Next Level

plate of corn tortilla chips with guacamole dip close up
Are you a die-hard guacamole fan? Do you also love queso fresco topped on all your favorite Mexican dishes? If your mouth is already watering from the thought of both guacamole and fresh tangy cheese, we have the perfect recipe for you. Get your bag of chips ready. You will... [read more]

Feed Everyone When You Order Noodles & Company!

Little boy eating a bowl of spaghetti
Everyone needs a break from cooking every now and then, especially if you're feeding a whole family every night of the week. Takeout to the rescue! And not just any takeout - the kind of takeout you can be sure everyone around your table will enjoy. Even picky eaters love... [read more]