Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Milwaukee

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Milwaukee

Some food trends that come and go while others tend to stick around longer because they really do make eating more enjoyable. The farm-to-table movement is one of those trends. These days, it’s becoming increasingly popular to dine at restaurants that source their produce and meat from local sources and that focus on the freshest ingredients. Not only does this make your food taste better, but it’s also a lot better for the environment. If you are interested in dining the sustainable way, you should check out these local farm-to-table restaurants in the Milwaukee area.


If you are interested in more of an upscale dining experience, then Ardent might be the place for you. This farm-to-table restaurant uses locally sourced Wisconsin ingredients in all-new and interesting ways. When you go here, you aren’t signing up for your average dining experience. You’re going to get something unique, and you won’t want to miss it. Make a reservation so you know you’ll have a spot, and go enjoy dinner at this local must-see restaurant.


Those interested in dining in a small and intimate setting will love having a meal at Braise. Dave Swanson, the chef/owner, has been nominated for the James Beard Award’s Best Chef Midwest three times, so you know that he takes his cuisine seriously. Not only is everything sourced from hyper-local sources, but he’s also known for handcrafting every dish that comes out of the kitchen. When you visit, you are in for an incredible dining experience that you just can’t miss.

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The Farmer’s Wife

You don’t have to go to a super upscale restaurant to enjoy tasty farm-to-table food. In fact, you can just take a trip to The Farmer’s Wife in West Allis. This place focuses on comfort food that will leave your mouth watering. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, making it the perfect place to go for a weeknight dinner when you just want to eat something tasty and homey. Of course, they prepare everything with local and sustainable ingredients. So, you can feel great about your choice to dine there.

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