Discover Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds

If you have spent any time in Wisconsin at all, you know that it’s a state that’s famous for its cheese. You can find just about any type of cheese in this state, which is why it’s a place that many foodies flock to. But if you haven’t yet tried the staple dish, you’ll have to have a taste of it soon. What is it? Cheese curds, of course! Want to learn more about this local delicacy? Keep reading for all the information you could need before you try them out for yourself.

What’s a Cheese Curd?

Wondering what makes cheese curds different than normal cheese? Well, they have some unique characteristics. During the cheese-making process, curds separate from the whey in the cheese. These bits – or curds – can be eaten as the small pieces they separate as, or they can be made into a block of cheese. They have quite a mild taste with a slight saltiness that you’re sure to enjoy. They are at their freshest when they squeak between your teeth!

Why Do They Squeak?

It may sound strange to you that cheese curds squeak… After all, not many foods make a particular sound! But this is completely normal. Wondering why this happens? Since the proteins in the cheese curds are pretty tough, friction is caused when they rub against your teeth. This causes the kind of squeaking noise you might notice when you bite into a fresh cheese curd. However, over time, the calcium in the curd causes the protein to break down. Therefore, if you encounter a cheese curd that doesn’t squeak, it may not be at its freshest.

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How Do You Eat Them?

Cheese curds can be eaten in several different ways, all of which are quite delicious. For example, you can eat them completely raw, which is how they’re often preferred when they are very fresh. They taste amazing this way, but you can also have them prepared in other ways as well. For example, everything tastes better when it’s deep-fried, right? That’s why you should definitely try deep-fried cheese curds at some point. They might even be more delicious than the fresh ones, and it also makes them easier to dip in a wide variety of sauces. You might want to try them in marinara, ketchup, or even ranch for a burst of flavor!

Don’t cheese curds sound amazing? These are some of the tastiest treats you can find in Wisconsin, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you should find some as soon as possible!

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