Our Very Own Wins Technicians Of Tomorrow Competition

mechanic working on vehicle engine

Have you heard? Our very own took home the gold at the ADAMM Technicians Of Tomorrow Competition. Along with another candidate, we are overjoyed to announce that Thomas Fredrickson, our apprentice technician, mastered the high-technology-based vehicle competition. Fredrickson’s love for the career field started with his Advanced Auto Tech class at his high school. Our dealership is known for quality vehicle maintenance and strong customer service, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to have this young man as a part of our team.

Competition Details

The day began with a written test, and after, the competitors got to work. Not only did their team cram two and a half hours of automotive work into just 60 minutes, but after, they were faced with challenging obstacles. Including six workstations, from inspections to demanding diagnoses, Fredrickson, along with this team, carried the competition with ease. The rivalry was focused on a 2021 Ford Escape, and that speaks volumes to the work we do here at David Hobbs Honda, as we service a multitude of manufacturers. Not only was this young man’s automotive skills put to the test, but he also was interviewed by a Human Resources representative from local dealerships.

The grit that Fredrickson carried throughout the day harmonizes the work we do here at David Hobbs Honda. From high-quality vehicle maintenance to innovative thinking, we couldn’t be more proud of our very own. Kudos to you, Thomas!

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Work at David Hobbs Honda

Here at David Hobbs Honda in Glendale, Wisconsin, our goal is to not only employ highly skilled employees but to continue to help them grow in their careers. We offer competitive pay with great benefits, and at our dealership, you are far more than an employee, as you are like family. If you are looking for the same opportunities as Thomas, contact us to hear more about our openings. The automotive industry could be the career place for you!

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