Sharpen Your Field Hockey Skills

Cropped image of children playing field hockey

Do you enjoy playing field hockey, but your skills aren’t quite up to snuff? Instead of hanging up your cleats, you just need to put in some practice to hone your skills. Go over the field hockey skills you need to master to become a force on the field. Work on one or two skills at a time and move through the list.


Trapping is probably the most important field hockey skill to master. When done correctly, you will have enough time to scan the field before receiving the ball. Then, you can move into the opening, away from the defenders. Some players make the mistake of working on trapping from a single position. If you want to improve your skills, practice from various positions so you’ll be ready, no matter what the situation is on the field.


Passing is also a vital skill when playing field hockey. Spend ample time practicing passing based on your position. If you are a midfielder, attempt lifted passes and passing off your right foot. On the other hand, if you’re a striker, devote time to practicing one-touch passing. If you are a defender, you’ll want to focus on overheads. The more you practice, the better you will become.

Flat Stick Tackle

Tackling is one of the most challenging components of playing field hockey. The game moves so quickly that it’s easy to get caught flat-footed or out of position when it’s time to tackle. Also, you might end up committing too soon to the tackle, leading to problems. Practice guiding players away from the action, so you can tackle them safely and effectively. Simply keep your stick down and out of the way and take up a position on the inside. That closes off the inside route, so they have to move outside. Then, you can spring into action and tackle them.

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Enough cannot be said about the importance of the art of deception when playing field hockey. It’s much easier to pull off skills when others don’t know what’s coming. You’ll have a much wider birth on the field when people can’t figure out what you’re doing, so you want to practice deception on the field.

Deception can be used in various aspects of the game, including when you’re about to engage in an elimination skill. You can deceive the other player by dropping your shoulder in the opposite direction that you intend to go. Then, change directions, causing the other player to go off balance.

Practice deception each time you’re on the field. It might feel a little weird at first, but it will become second nature over time.

Being a great field hockey player takes a lot of hard work. With regular practice, you can reach your goals and dazzle on the field.

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