Stay On The Family Budget This Summer With These Activities

friends enjoying a picnic in the park

Are you in the middle of an internal debate regarding finances and fun? On the one hand, you have a budget, and blowing past it can put you in a difficult position. But then, summer is coming up, and you want to have the best time possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between having a blast and sticking to your budget. You can do both by tackling these free summer activities.

Tackle the Oak Leaf Trail

The sun will have its high beams on for months, so you’ll have plenty of daylight to take on the 120-mile Oak Leaf Trail. That’s a daunting length for walkers, but you can swap your feet for wheels by bringing your bike along. Whether you pedal or stroll, you can stick to the trail or veer off to a playground or another location.

Drop a Line in the Milwaukee River

You can also leave your money at home and head to the Milwaukee River for some fly fishing. Experienced anglers love testing their luck in the river, but you don’t need years of fly-fishing experience to join in the fun. The river is huge, so there’s room for people of all experience levels. Thus, you can even teach the kids the art of fly fishing if you want.

Head to the Park for a Picnic

Glendale has a lot of open spaces and parks, making it a great city for enjoying a picnic. For instance, you can pack a lunch and head to Kletzsch Park or Lincoln Park. Then you can take in some gorgeous scenery while savoring your meal.

What if you don’t want to go to the trouble of packing a lunch, driving to the park, and going back home? That’s a sign that you need to set up the picnic in your backyard. You might not get the scenic views, but the fresh air, sunshine, and tasty food will be in large supply. Those things matter the most, so lunch will be a success.

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Have a TV/Game Night

Some people host game nights while others binge watch TV shows or take in a movie. Why separate the activities when you can combine them into one epic day of fun? First, knock out a series on your watch list for ages, but you can’t ever find the time to squeeze in. When the credits start rolling, bring out the board games and challenge your family. If your kids have yet to play the classics, you can introduce them to your favorites.

These free activities will get you started this summer. As you explore Glendale, you’ll also come up with some other ideas. Then you can hop from day to day without spending money. That means your bank account can grow while you fill up with fun.

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