Just Graduated? Honda Wants To Help You Celebrate

group of graduates throwing their cap

Graduating from college is a huge milestone, but it comes with responsibilities. When you accepted your diploma, your focus shifted to developing your career and becoming financially stable. Then you start thinking of all the things you need to make that happen, such as a reliable car to get you to work and run errands. Now, you’re stuck between becoming financially stable and making car payments and don’t know how to make it all line up. Fortunately, the Honda College Grad Program makes that balancing act easier. Learn how you can save money on your next vehicle to drive into the future without stress.

Get More Out of Your Next Ride for Less

Fresh college graduates are drawn to the cutting-edge technology, robust suite of safety features, and reliability Honda’s vehicles offer. They’re also responsive and fun to drive, adding another benefit to the “Pro” column.

And while these benefits are enticing, the College Grad Program sweetens the deal even more. If you take advantage of the offer, Honda will put down a $500 bonus toward a new lease or purchase. Just think about what $500 means as a new grad. That might be a student loan payment or the security deposit for your first roommate-free rental.

Free money can make the most trusting of people suspicious, so that you might be looking for a catch. For instance, is there a GPA requirement, or do you need a certain major to qualify? The answer to both questions is “No.”

You only need to meet two criteria to qualify. First, you must have graduated within the last two years or in the upcoming six months. Second, you need to have a job or an offer letter. It doesn’t get much easier.

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What to Bring

You’ll need to bring a couple of things to the dealership to take advantage of the program. First, the dealership has to verify your education. Don’t worry about chasing down hard-to-gather documents, though. Instead, you can bring a copy of your diploma or a letter from the school’s registrar’s office stating your graduate date.

Then you need to show you can pay for the car, so you must have proof of employment. A pay stub will satisfy this requirement, or you can show your offer letter from a prospective employer.

You learned a lot in college, including the value of a deal. It’s always smart to take the free money, so visit David Hobbs Honda in Glendale, Wisconsin. Be sure to bring proof of your recent or upcoming graduation and documentation for your current or soon-to-be employer so we can confirm your eligibility and help you drive home in a discounted Honda today.

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