Check Out Honda’s Safety And Technology Features

Touch screen display inside of a Honda vehicle

Touch screen display inside of a Honda vehicleHonda has been a leader in safety for decades. The company puts safety at the forefront of design through every step of the creative car building process. Improving safety in a car is multifaceted. But one of the ways Honda has improved the most has been through integrating technology at every layer. However, technology isn’t just for safety. Each new 2020 Honda model is loaded with tech features to improve everything that’s involved in the driver experience. 

Honda Safety Features

First of all, it’s important to note that Honda as a brand, consistently receives excellent safety ratings. One of Honda’s best safety features is its Honda Sensing technology. Think of it simply as a second pair of eyes watching the road. It helps keep your vehicle centered in the driving lane, adjusts steering and braking if you veer out of your lane, and also provides emergency braking when a collision is imminent.  Honda Sensing technology is also capable of reading traffic signs and relaying the message to those behind the wheel. Pretty impressive that one feature can do all of that.

Honda also equips its vehicles with advanced airbag technology. While we all hope those airbags will never have to be deployed, it’s certainly comforting to know that they are there if we need them. Another way Honda helps to keep drivers away from collisions is by including a multi-angle rearview camera.

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Entertainment Features

New Honda automobiles come with a touchscreen display that is capable of running Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto. Both apps run navigation, music, phone calls, and more enable hands free safe driving. Essentially, it transforms your car’s display screen into your phone running navigation and music simultaneously, on the same screen. Each new Honda also comes with an excellent audio system. So, when you decide to belt out a highway duet with your friends you can count on your speakers to deliver.

It’s easy to see why Honda has been one of the best-selling brands in the world. Every vehicle comes laced with technology that entertains and helps keep us safe. Maybe the only problem with Honda is not knowing which of their amazing models to choose. Browse our new 2020 Honda inventory online today. Get one step closer to owning automotive perfection.

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