Holiday Tree Removal And Clean Up Tips

Small Christmas tree on top of the car

The last present is gone from under the Christmas tree, and now, it’s time to remove it and start the clean-up process. You can make it easier this year by following some holiday tree removal and clean-up tips. With the right strategy, you won’t run into the usual obstacles or face the normal struggles of getting rid of your tree and the needles.

Removing the Tree From Your Home

It’s a good idea to remove the tree right after the holidays before it has time to dry out. If you wait until the needles get too dry, your tree will become a fire hazard.

Thus, start early by removing the tree skirt, stand, lights, and ornaments. While most of this is straightforward, you can run into a bit of trouble when emptying the water from the tree stand. Avoid messy spills by having a bucket on hand to transfer the water. Then, you can dump the bucket of water down the drain.

Once your tree is ready, wrap it in a blanket, sheet, or trash bag before taking it out of your home. Then, you won’t end up with a trail of needles from your living room to the curb.

If you want to throw it away, put it outside, ensuring you don’t obstruct sidewalks or roads. Then, arrange for pickup.

Cleaning Up After the Tree

Once your tree is on the curb, you’ll need to clean up the mess it left behind. First, sweep the needles into a dustpan. While vacuuming might be faster, the needles can clog up the vacuum cleaner.

Then, check for moisture or water damage. If you have excess moisture, remove it by steam cleaning your carpets or rugs.

Recycling Your Holiday Tree

If you prefer to recycle your tree at the end of the season, take it outside and cut it into four-foot sections. Put the tree in your recycling container or contact the recycling center for more information. You might have the option of taking it to the recycling center if you want to dispose of it quickly.

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Repurposing Your Tree

Are you not quite ready to get rid of your holiday tree? If so, you can repurpose it to hold onto some of that holiday magic. For example, you can turn your tree into a pond habitat or cut it into pieces to create ornaments or a birdhouse. Some people even turn the tree’s bark into coasters or mulch.

With these tips, getting rid of and cleaning up after your tree will be a breeze. Then, instead of worrying about your tree, you can get excited about the new year.

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