Last-Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

Beautifully wrapped Christmas presents

Did you just glance at the calendar and feel a rush of panic surge through your body? It’s hard to stay calm when Christmas is almost here, and you haven’t made it through your shopping list. Fortunately, you still have time to make some DIY holiday gifts your recipients will love. It might be the last minute, but these gifts are so fantastic that your family and friends will think you planned ahead.

Tissue Box of Cash

Cash tends to be the go-to last-minute gift, and it’s always well-received. However, when you give cash, you risk letting people know that you didn’t come up with an idea until the last minute. Fortunately, you can give cash with a little extra thought and effort this holiday season. Instead of handing an envelope full of money, put it in a tissue box. Then, the recipient can pull out money instead of tissues.

Sweater Mittens

Your old sweaters can save the day this holiday season. Pick out one or two, and then repurpose them into sweater mittens. If you’re good with a needle and thread, you can throw these together quickly. Then, you can give the warm, cozy gift to someone on your list.

On-the-Go Reading Pillow

If you have a little bookworm or two on your list, you can make an on-the-go reading pillow. The cute pillow has a pocket for books and other items. Then, the recipient can take it on trips or even throughout the house, knowing the book will always be handy. And kids aren’t the only ones that love this pillow. Their parents will be happy that you gave a gift that encourages reading.

Tube Bead Necklace

Does someone on your list love jewelry, but you haven’t found anything at the store that is in your price range? You can make a beautiful tube bead necklace without going over your gift budget. This necklace is stylishly simple and is certain to earn you a big “thank you.” In fact, it’s so cute that you might want to make an extra one for yourself.

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Bath Bombs

You can help someone on your list relax after the holidays by gifting DIY bath bombs. Once you finish making them, place them in a glass jar, so you’ll get high marks on the presentation. And you’ll also score high marks when the recipient enjoys their relaxing effects.

You might only have a few days before you need to finish shopping, but that’s plenty of time when going with these gifts. You can make them all today so they’ll be ready for the holidays.

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