Fun Car Gadgets That Make Long Trips More Fun

Car air parfume on the frontal mirror of the car with blurred green background outside the window.

These days, we all spend quite a bit of time inside our cars. Between muddy soccer cleats, family road trips to sandy beaches, and lots of fast food meals on the road, our cars can get kind of messy. There are plenty of ways you can make your vehicle feel more comfortable for your passengers and yourself. Check out these great tools and accessories that are sure to make life easier when you’re on the go!


  • Cleaning Putty- Get yourself some cleaning putty to get dirt and grime out of all the tiny cracks and crevices of your vehicle! Clean in those hard to reach places with ease!
  • Headlight Restoration Kit- These kits include a restoration wipe, a lens polishing pad, gloves, and a microfiber towel to give your headlights a like-new shine! Just one use will last for years!
  • All-Purpose Car Cleaner- This super cleaner is sure to leave your car’s upholstery looking like it just came straight from the factory! It comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to use and takes no time.


  • Digital Tire Gauge- Checking your tire pressure just got much easier! Get one of these gauges that will show you a digital display for easy-reading and comfy-gripping!
  • 42 Piece AAA Road Kit- This kit is perfect for any roadside emergency! The contents can help tie you over until you can have your vehicle checked out by a professional.
  • Tire Traction Pads- These traction tools help out if your car is stuck in the snow or the mud! Just place them under the back tires and hit the gas! You’ll be unstuck in no time.


  • Air Freshener- Add a little something sweet to your drive with a Harry Styles-inspired air freshener for your car!
  • Pet-Friendly Seat Cover- If you have a fur buddy who loves to ride in the car, you no longer have to worry about getting hairs all over the place! Throw down one of these seat covers and go!
  • Diffuser- Keep your car smelling fresh and new, no matter how old it is with an in-car diffuser!

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Things That Just Make Life Easier

  • Car Sauce Dip Clip- Nugget-dipping is made easy with this sauce holder that clips right onto your car’s air vent!
  • Trash Can- Keep your car clear of clutter and garbage with a trash can just for your car! This one hangs right over your center console for easy accessibility for all passengers.
  • Car Seat Gap Filler- Save yourself from vacuuming lots of change and loose French fries from your floor boards when you install a seat gap filler!

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