Tips For When You Are Running Low On Gas

low fuel

Stopping by the gas station can be a pain when you’re making good time. You try to press on, but before long, you’re dangerously low on fuel and afraid of running out. Fortunately, you can get out of a bind by following these tips when running low on gas.

Locate the Nearest Gas Station

If you’re close to empty, you need to find the nearest gas station. So first, pull your car over to the side of the road and use your phone or car’s navigation system to find the nearest fuel station. Then, plug in the directions so you can go straight there, without any detours.

Take the Path of Least Resistance

When you pull up the directions, you might discover you have two possible paths to take. They are both around the same distance away, but one will take you down flat roads or inclines, while the other will let you drive downhill. If you have that choice, go with the route that goes downhill. Then, your car will shut off the fuel injectors when you coast, saving gas. You don’t even need to put your car into neutral to do this. It’s an automatic feature and can help you go those few extra miles to the gas station.

Take it Slow

Your instinct might be to push on the gas, so you can get to the station sooner. However, speeding can cause your car to burn more fuel, increasing the likelihood that you’ll run out of gas. If it’s safe to do so, keep your speed between 35–45 mpg. Your car is most efficient between this range, so it won’t burn extra fuel.

Turn Off the AC and Accessories

Your air conditioner and accessories use fuel to work, so turn everything off. This includes unplugging your charging phone. Now, you won’t save a ton of fuel doing this, but even burning a gallon less can help you make it to the gas station in time.

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Keep Your Windows Rolled Up

You might want to roll down your windows to compensate for turning off the air conditioner. However, that will increase the wind resistance, meaning your car will burn more fuel. Keep your windows sealed tight until you refuel your vehicle.

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