Celebrate Earth Day By Supporting Local Green Spaces

Young people learning urban gardening

Every year on April 22nd, nearly one billion people participate in Earth Day activities worldwide. This year explore the green movement in the Green Bay area by learning more about our local urban farms and non-profit greenhouses.

The History of Earth Day

Senator Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day in 1970. When it began, most people knew very little about the environmental impact of human activities. The 1962 publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson raised a lot to raise awareness. Although, Senator Nelson wanted to do more, so he scheduled a campaign of teach-ins on college campuses across the nation. His team named the day of the teach-ins Earth Day. They garnered a lot of national attention, and support for the movement spread. Now people across the world use April 22nd as a day to educate and take action to protect our planet.

Groundwork Milwaukee

Groundwork Milwaukee is a non-profit organization that works locally to transform brownfields into community spaces. The programs and projects focus on creating community gathering places, including gardens, orchards, and even art exhibits. Groundwork Milwaukee has participants of all ages. Full-time staff members work to “educate, train, and empower youth, community members, veterans, and volunteers.” In addition to the creation of urban green spaces, Groundwork Milwaukee team members are involved in protecting urban waters and restoring aquatic habitats. If you would like to volunteer with Groundwork Milwaukee you or your teen can learn more here.

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Teens Grow Greens at Weber’s Greenhouse

Just a short distance from David Hobbs Honda on Green Bay Avenue, teenagers work together to grow plants from seeds at Weber’s Greenhouse. The Greenhouse is powered by Teens Grow Greens, which was founded in 2014.  The program utilizes Weber’s Greenhouse to educate and empower local teenagers. Their internships and apprenticeships strive to instill a sense of respect, responsibility, and resilience regarding the participants themselves, their team, and the environment. Although you won’t be able to explore Weber’s Greenhouse on Earth Day, you can plan to attend their 2022 opening day event on May 1st. You’ll be able to support the teens and their mission by purchasing plants and flowers that they have grown this year.

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