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Safety has always been a top priority for everyone at Honda, and that dedication is evident in the high safety ratings found throughout the modern Honda lineup. Honda vehicles are designed to keep their passengers safe, even in the face of hazards, and state-of-the-art technology can also help mitigate collisions in the first place. The designers and engineers at Honda have been hard at work to realize their dream of a collision free future. Take a look at what they’re doing to make the roads safer for you and your passengers.

Honda Sensing

Safety technology has come a long way since the first seat belts and brakes were introduced, and now Honda offers an array of high-tech tools and systems as a part of the cutting-edge Honda Sensing suite. Available in a variety of Honda cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, this bundle typically includes advanced technology like the forward collision warning, which can call your attention to a hazard ahead of you with visual and audio signals. The road departure mitigation system  utilizes a camera to determine where your lane starts and ends, and can warn you if it looks like your about to leave the lane. With its camera and radar combination, the collision mitigation braking system can alert the driver and even apply the brakes if it detects an oncoming collision.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering

While vehicles are now available with a variety of active safety systems to help drivers avoid accidents, passive safety systems play a vital role in protecting passengers when a collision does occur. Honda has innovated in this field with the exclusive Advanced Compatibility Engineering, or ACE, body design. This unique body structure is designed to absorb and deflect force from a collision via the front frame structures. Doing so diminishes the energy directed at the cabin as well as what’s directed at other vehicles involved in the collision.

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