Grab A Bite At Bistro On The Glen

Eating steak

While it’s gone through a couple of name changes, Bistro on the Glen has been a Glendale staple for more than four decades. Over the years, it’s become more than just a restaurant. It’s a gathering spot for locals who want to share a meal and catch up. With a diverse menu, it’s easy for everyone to find what they’re craving, and the friendly staff is so welcoming that you’ll want to come back over and over. Let’s go over a few things you need to know before you visit this popular local eatery.

Chow Down on Diner Fare During the Day

Every city should have at least one great diner, and in Glendale, that distinction goes to Bistro on the Glen. The restaurant has tons of breakfast items and sandwiches, and the café omelet takes the cake. How can you go wrong with eggs loaded with ham, cheese, and hash browns? The team uses a French cooking technique when making the omelet, and it certainly elevates it. This might be diner fare, but it’s anything but standard. And don’t worry if you aren’t in the mood for breakfast. The sandwiches here are the best in the area, especially the crab cake sandwich.

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Experience the Dinner Transformation

Most restaurants are the same no matter when you go, but Bistro on the Glen is a bit different. The staff dims the lights at night, and you’ll often be treated to the musical stylings of the in-house pianist. The music is always at the ideal volume, so it adds to the atmosphere without getting in the way of conversation.

The atmosphere is amazing, but the food manages to be even better. The country fried chicken has positioned itself as the standout of the dinner menu. Numerous people come over and over for this one dish. When people keep coming back for more, you know it’s good.

And then there are the barbecue ribs. The recipe is almost as old as the restaurant itself. It utilizes dark barbecue sauce that penetrates the meat and creates a succulent flavor. And then there are the steaks. Normally, you have to go to a bonafide steakhouse for a good cut of meat. However, the owners have become masters at finding and preparing premium steaks. People rave about how the steaks here would fit right in at a fancy steakhouse.

This is a glimpse of the food at Bistro on the Glen. However, the menu is packed with one fantastic item after the next. That’s what’s so great about this eatery. It defies categorization by offering foods for various tastes. At the same time, it manages to specialize in each one. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will devour your meal at Bistro on the Glen.

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