Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pre-Owned Car

Happy woman receiving the keys to her new car.

If you’re searching for the perfect vehicle, chances are you’ve been browsing the new inventory at local dealerships. However, no matter how enticing the new tech might be or how shiny the paint job is, there are definite complications with buying new vehicles. You can skip the struggle when you buy pre-owned, and we bet that you will agree with us by the end of this blog!


It’s no secret that new cars depreciate in value quickly. Just how quickly, though? The second you leave the car lot, actually. In fact, your vehicle could lose 30 percent of its value in the first year alone. That’s not true for all, but it is for most. This really comes into play if you are financing or leasing a new car — your car is decreasing in value while you are still paying for its original value.

While we’re on the subject of value, pre-owned cars give you the full bang for your buck. Dropping back a year or two or three can get you a fully-loaded version of your favorite model for even less than the base trim of the current year. You can cut the sticker price in half when you go back just two or three years!


Let’s talk about certified pre-owned vehicles. If a key factor in your desire to buy new is because you’re sold on having a warranty, that is understandable. However, most automakers have a certified pre-owned program to help provide that coverage you’re looking for. While CPO is different for each manufacturer, it does typically include a warranty and a few bonuses on the side like rental coverage or roadside assistance. This is meant to help reduce your stress about protection and give you that peace of mind when buying pre-owned. Plus, you know that the vehicle has passed a ton of tests, so you can feel positive about its safety as well.


This is a big one. When you’re shopping pre-owned, your options are truly limitless. You have the choice of so many makes, models, and trims, and when you factor in discontinuations that gives you even more choices.

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If you’re feeling the push to invest in a pre-owned vehicle, we know a great place to start looking. Check out the online inventory at David Hobbs Honda. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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