Keep Your Washroom Smelling Amazing This Season

Boho style bathroom interior.

Do you want your washroom to smell as nice and clean as the rest of your home? That might seem like a pipe dream, but it’s possible when you follow some tips. Follow these tips to have the nicest smelling washroom on the block this season.

Place Scented Trash Bags in the Garbage Can

You can improve the smell in your washroom in an instant by using scented garbage bags. These garbage bags have a nice scent built in, and it tends to travel. Once you place it in the trashcan, the scent will begin to fill up the room.

Add Essential Oils to the Garbage Can

Did you put scented trash bags in your garbage can, but the washroom still doesn’t smell fresh? Try putting a few drops of essential oil into the bin. The essential oil should add a nice fragrance to your washroom. You can even combine the essential oil with scented trash bags to double the fragrance.

Don’t Forget the Toilet Brush

You can also freshen up your toilet brush with essential oils. Simply put a few drops on the toilet brush. You’ll smell the oils when the toilet brush is not in use, but they’ll get even stronger when you use it to clean your toilet.

Put Fabric Softener in the Toilet Tank

Fabric softener isn’t just for laundry. You can also use it to freshen up your washroom. Open the lid, pour it into the tank, and then close the lid back up. You will smell fabric softener whenever you flush the toilet.

Spray Perfume Inside the Tissue Roll

Do you have a bottle of cologne or perfume you love? Take that bottle to the bathroom and use it to spray the inside of the toilet tissue roll. Make sure you avoid the tissue and only spray the cardboard when you do this. The scent will fill the bathroom, so you’ll smell your favorite cologne or perfume every time you walk inside.

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Put Baking Soda on the Rugs

You likely step on rugs when you get out of the bathtub or shower. Eventually, the moisture can lead to a bad smell. You can fight back against the smell by sprinkling baking soda on the rugs. Let it sit for an hour or so to absorb the smells. Then, take your rugs outside and shake them, so the baking soda flies off. Your rugs should be much fresher when you finish.

These tips will help you freshen up your washroom and make it more inviting. Remember, you will need to repeat some tips, such as using essential oils and fabric softener. When you start to notice a smell, repeat the process to freshen up your washroom again.

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