Check Out A Book At These Local Spots

man reading book at library

Summer is about more than swimming pools and barbecues. It’s also the time to curl up with a good book and immerse yourself in another world. The long days and extra time make it easy to fly through your reading list. First, you need to purchase some titles. Instead of ordering books online and waiting for days for them to arrive, stop by a local bookstore. Then, you can browse through the titles and find the perfect book to read.

Boswell Book Company

Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee has a robust selection of new and used books. It’s large on the inside but still manages to have that cozy feeling you want in a local bookstore. The bookstore is so cozy that it even has couches where you can relax and do some reading during your visit. The customer service is also top-notch here. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and takes the time to make sure you have an amazing experience. Boswell Book Company also regularly hosts events with authors. If you love books, you will absolutely adore this independent book store. It has everything you could want in a bookstore and so much more.

Downtown Books

Downtown Books is one of the coolest bookstores in Wisconsin. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves house a vast assortment of used books, ranging from mainstream to unique. Even with the huge selection, it’s easy to find books because it’s so well-organized. Along with books, you can find used comics, videos, and magazines here, and you can even sell your titles to the store if you wish. If you want a quirky bookstore with tons of personality and great deals, you’ll want to check out Downtown Books.

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Renaissance Book Shop

What if you’re about to take a trip, only to realize you forgot to pack a book? You can duck into Renaissance Book Shop at the airport to grab some titles. Airport bookstores are usually tiny and only carry a few bestsellers and maybe some self-help books. That’s not the case with this bookstore, though. It has a massive selection of new and used books, so you can find what you want when you browse here. It also has a nice open layout, making it easy to roll your luggage through the aisles.

Whether you are looking for the latest bestseller or something more obscure, you won’t have any trouble finding it at one of these bookstores. Each bookstore offers something a bit different, so stop by all of them. These stores will reignite your love of books and bring some extra excitement to reading.

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