Take On Skiing With These Tips For Beginners

Jack Russell Terrier wearing ski helmet and boots

If you haven’t tried skiing before, don’t be intimated. Once you try it, it will be like riding a bike. Here are a few things you need to know if you are a beginner skier.

What To Wear When Skiing

A day on the snow starts with what you wear. To enjoy the experience of skiing, you must make sure you are dressed properly. You will want lots of layers and to avoid cotton at all costs. Make sure your pants are waterproof and breathable. You will want to cover almost every inch of your body in something that is well insulated and able to keep you warm in the snow. Gloves or mittens are also a must when skiing.

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Helpful Skiing Tips

Learning how to ski can be so much fun. There are many things you can learn before you even put your skis on. Let’s take a look at these tips for a beginner skier:

  1. The first step of skiing is finding a pair of ski boots that fit properly. The boot should feel snug, and not too tight that it causes your toes and legs to hurt. You also don’t want to be able to move your foot back and forth in your boot. Once you find the perfect size boots, it’s time to get skiing.
  2. Once you get your boots on, it’s time to hit the snow. To start moving your skis, you will want to press your shins to the front of your boots and try to stay balanced and forward. If you find yourself looking to move uphill, lean your knees upward and take steps sideways.
  3. Turning, stopping, and knowing how to get off the ski lift is the next thing to learn. Thankfully, none of these things are hard to pick up. Turning and stopping are pretty much the same moves when skiing. To turn, make a wedge with your skis. If you want to turn right you will apply more weight on your left leg and vice versa. To stop on skis, do an exaggerated turn until you are perpendicular. To get on the ski lift you will be told where to wait and where to get off. When hopping on the lift just simply sit down and slide back. When it is time to get off, raise the bar, keep your tips high, and hop off gently.

Enjoy the slopes!

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