Running More These Days? Add These Stretches

Man stretching on exercise mat

Everyone knows running is a great way to exercise. You work so many muscles in your body when you decide to take a jog. If you find yourself running more, stretching needs to become a part of your exercise routine as well. Stretching leads to fewer injuries and also helps with any adhesions and knots in your muscles. Here are five stretches to add to your next run!

Glute and Piriformis Activation

If you find yourself suffering from runner’s knee, this stretch will help you out. To do this stretch stand up straight with good balance and posture, and bring your ankle up to your knee and waist. You will feel the stretch in the glute and quad area.

Hamstring Sweep

Have you ever tried doing an exercise with a tight hamstring? It can be so uncomfortable. If you suffer from tight hamstrings and run often, this stretch will be of great use. Take a small stride forward keeping your heel on the ground, keep the front leg straight and bend your back knee like you are about to sit in a chair. Take your hands and sweep down toward the ground. You will be able to feel the hamstring stretch.

Ankling and Calf Mobilization

Shin splints, Achilles pain, and plantar fasciitis can be very uncomfortable. Running is the last thing you want to do if you experience any of these things. This stretch helps if you experience these regularly. Stand up straight and take your foot and go toe to heel, slowly returning the heel to the ground. Your muscles will love this one!

Leg Swings: Abductor and Adductor

If you find tightness around your Abductor and adductor muscles it is a good idea to do this stretch. Keep your torso and pelvis strong and aligned. Swing one leg across the body and then back across on the lateral side. Make sure the stretch is controlled.

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Leg Swings: Hamstring and Hip

This stretch will help with tightness around your hip and hamstring muscle groups. Stand up straight and swing your leg forward and backward. Try not to lean forward or backward. You must stay in a straight, fixed position.

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