Give Your Mantel A Makeover

Flowers on a marble fireplace mantel

If you own a fireplace mantel, you already know how much it can add to a room. Decorating mantels has become quite a trend in recent times. Many interior decorators have offered tips on how a mantel should look and what objects to use for decoration. Here are some of the easiest tips that you should follow if you want your mantel to pop!


Use a wide array of items with various shapes and sizes. Try to place taller items in the back and smaller ones in the front, just as if you were taking a group photo.


Try not to shy away from layering items in front of each other. This will create the sensation of depth. Still, be mindful not to fully obscure any of the items. Leave ample room between them, so people can clearly see all of them.


Probably the easiest method of creating symmetry is to place a large item right in the middle of the mantel, flanked by matching items.


Try using matching figurines or other elegant pieces on each side of the mantel. This will give the entire area a more distinguished look.


While you will generally strive for symmetry, sometimes placing different-sized items on both ends can make for a visually striking mantel.

Accent Piece

If you have a particular item that you want to be front and center, place it straight in the middle to attract attention to it. This can range from an expensive vase to a symbolic item that means a lot to you.

Avoid Overcrowding

Be careful not to place too many objects on the mantel because they might end up giving the entire room a cluttered feel. Give each and every item plenty of breathing room.


Figure out what general style you would like to use and choose objects that have certain things in common. Focus on either color, theme, or style when making your choices.

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Odd Numbers

When decorating anything, you generally should aim for odd numbers of items. This is because odds are generally more visually interesting than evens.

Remember, you should also take your inspiration from the overall look of the room, as well as the rest of your house. With all of this in mind, you will definitely knock this decoration project out of the park.

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