Last-Minute Easter Brunch Done Right

Easter brunch table with fruit, bread, coffee, and orange juice.

If you’re hosting an Easter brunch this Sunday, and you have no idea what to make, don’t worry. David Hobbs Honda has you covered. Our team is dedicated to getting you exactly what you need when you need it. So, check out this list of quick and easy brunch ideas you can have ready in under 30 minutes.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Pancake Fruit Tarts

So your friends are arriving in just a few hours and you still don’t have a plan. No biggie. You can make these pancake fruit tarts with things that might already be in your fridge. If not, a store run won’t ruin the day since these only take 30 minutes to make. You’ll need pancake mix, creamy Greek yogurt, your choice of fruit, and honey or syrup to serve with your pancake fruit tarts.

Cornmeal Drop Biscuits

No time for angel biscuits? Make these cornmeal-based cheddar, chive biscuits instead. They’re a crunchy alternative with a spicy kick of jalapenos and flaky cheddar cheese in every bite. The best part is how simple this recipe is. You don’t need a rolling pin, biscuit cutter, or extra time to let the bread rise. All you have to do is mix the dough and then spoon it onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. The only thing easier would be using frozen biscuits.

Sheet Pan Eggs

No matter which bread choice you make, you’re going to need a little something else to make it a complete meal. Eggs are a go-to dish for breakfast but making individual omelets or fried eggs is out of the question.  Instead, you can make sheet pan eggs and have enough to feed a crowd quickly. These sheet pan eggs have a delightful Italian flavor and are packed with veggies. Your guest will love them, and so will you. You can even add them to your meal prep each week for an easy, make-ahead breakfast.

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David Hobbs Honda

If all else fails, you can always pile as many people into a roomy Honda Pilot and head to the nearest brunch spot in town. If you don’t have a spacious SUV, come visit us at David Hobbs Honda in Glendale. We’ll help you find one that’s just the right size for your family.

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