If You Love Sushi, KAWA Is The Place For You


all sushi lovers! Indulge your love at KAWA where you can find anything your heart could ever desire. Enjoy sushi rolls, bento boxes, Teriyaki, tempura, and more! No matter what you like and who you are with, KAWA is the best spot for you.

Awesome Appetizers

KAWA has a wide selection of appetizers for you to start your meal off with. Pick from traditional with edamame or gyoza. Or dive into some fun options with dinosaur egg, spicy lobster salad wrapped in sliced avocado, and served with spicy chef’s sauce. Or maybe try the jalapeños pepper, a stuffed pepper with spicy tuna, cream cheese, deep-fried and topped with eel sauce. Or start off with some sushi options, like pepper tuna or sashimi. Plus enjoy special roll options, salad, soup, or a la carte options!

Entrees for Days

From the kitchen, enjoy multiple options served with salad and soup, like katsu don, Panko breaded pork with vegetables, and a cage-free egg over rice. Or unagi don, grilled freshwater eel over rice. Dive into teriyaki options with your choice of tofu, chicken, salmon, rib eye steak, and seafood all served with rice, vegetables, salad, and soup.

Dive into sushi with KAWA’s intensive menu! Some choices include Maki Platter A and B, big eye tuna Poke bowl, and Chirashi. Or, to feed a group, choose from sushi regular or deluxe, sashimi regular or deluxe–both with rice, sushi and sashimi with rice, the love boat, or the party boat. All sushi is served with miso soup and salad.

Try Something Different

Go outside of your typical order and enjoy Yaki options of vegetable, chicken, beef, or seafood. Or tempura with chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. Not to mention, noodle soup options of Nebe Yaki or seafood, both you can choose between Udon or Soba.

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KAWA’s Lunch Menu

KAWA is the perfect spot for lunch, they keep their amazing flavors and have a wide variety of choices still! Enjoy Yaki Udon or Soba, either chicken, beef, or shrimp served with miso soup and stir-fried noodles. Or have the bento special, served with a California roll, salad, rice, and sashimi, or a spring roll and with your choice of teriyaki chicken shrimp, tofu, salmon or pork katsu, chicken katsu, shrimp or chicken tempura, or rib-eye steak.

Enjoy special rolls, like the t-rex roll, or roll or hand roll options like yellowtail scallion. You can even choose options like octopus, blue crab, fatty salmon, and more! Or stick to what you like and order from the sushi bar options like sushi, sashimi with rice, or sushi and sashimi with rice, all served with miso soup. Or choose two rolls that will be served with miso soup! Options include peanut, avocado, salmon skin, spicy crab, Boston, and more!


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