Discover The Benefits Of Investing In A Hybrid From Honda

Honda Hybrid

Honda electric vehicles are designed for longevity and helping the environment one drive at a time. You can benefit so much from choosing an electric vehicle as your next car. They have great power, wonderful features, and are beyond stylish! Let’s take a closer look at the electrified vehicles Honda offers.

Types Of Electric Vehicles

The options are limitless when you decide to go electric with Honda. Here are the different types of electrified technology you can choose from when you decide to get behind the wheel of a Honda.

  • Hybrid: Hybrid vehicles are powerful and reliable. Not only do you never need to worry about plugging them in, but they also help you save money and have various model options that will leave you stylish on the road.
  • Plug-In Hybrid: You get the best of both worlds with the plug-in hybrid. This all-electric, emission-free vehicle is great for short trips. You can also switch to a gas-powered engine if you find your battery running low. Flexibility is always an option with this electric model.
  • Electric: All-electric vehicles are free of gas and come with loads of acceleration. You can easily charge your vehicle at home. If you are out and about you can find a charging station to help you get back on the road. Electric vehicles are quiet, easy to charge, and reliable.
  • Hydrogen-Fuel Cell: Water being the only emission, the hydrogen-fuel cell is quite the innovation. You can refuel your vehicle in minutes. This is perfect for short and medium driving trips.

Why Choose An Electrified Vehicle

Not only are electric vehicles fun to drive, but they also take less time and money to fill up. You will always feel good about your carbon footprint since electric vehicles lower your overall driving emissions. Every Honda hybrid comes with an 8-year high-voltage battery limited warranty.

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David Hobbs Honda

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