Prepare Your Trick Or Treaters With These Halloween Safety Tips

Portrait Of Girl Wearing Fancy Dress Outside House Collecting Candy For Trick Or Treat

For many kids in Glendale, WI, Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year. The chance to wear a costume of their choice and go door to door for candy is something they look forward to much of the year. This should be a day of fun and laughs; however, there are safety issues to pay attention to. As a parent, you have an important responsibility to make sure your youngsters enjoy the day without any problems. For instance, there are some guidelines you can pass along and make sure your kids follow.

Inspect the Costume

Whether you make or buy the Halloween costumes for your kids, you need to be sure they fit well and don’t pose any dangers. Your children will likely wear their costumes for several hours on Halloween and possibly on some of the days leading up to the holiday. Verify that the costume material, including masks and wigs, is resistant to fire. Any makeup should be non-toxic and come off easily. The costume should not be too tight or restrictive. Furthermore, any face coverings should be breathable and not restrict airflow. It’s also a good idea to put reflectors on the costumes.

The Buddy System

Having kids out as darkness sets can make parents nervous. Younger children can also get lost, even in their own neighborhoods. A parent or trusted adult should always accompany young children for trick or treating. Even older kids should go in pairs or, preferably, even larger groups. Likewise, chaperones should pay close attention to the trick or treating route.

Stranger Danger

Trick or treating should be a door-to-door activity, but never inside homes. Unless the child is going to a family member’s home or to the home of a well-known, trusted person, they should never go inside. In addition, follow these rules for entering a vehicle.

Stay in the Light

It’s best to stay in well-lit areas. Homes with no lights on should be off-limits. Groups should avoid dark areas.

Wait on the Candy

As tempting as it may sound, kids should not eat any of their trick-or-treating candy until they get home. This will give parents a chance to inspect it and identify any concerns. Kids should not eat any unwrapped candy.

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Drivers’ Safety

People driving on Halloween night should exercise caution. Firstly, drive slowly in neighborhoods where kids are out. Keep an eye out for kids darting into the road from the sidewalks and crossing the street. It may be best for younger, more inexperienced drivers to avoid driving on this night. Furthermore, it is a good night to stay off the roads as much as possible.

Halloween can be an exciting, anticipated day. Don’t let an unfortunate safety incident mar the big day. Follow these tips, and your kids should have the protection they’ll need.

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