Calling All Football Fans: The Green Bay Packers Tour Guide

Football fans celebrating

Of all the professional sports teams in the U.S., the Green Bay Packers are among the most iconic. Though the Packers hail from the smallest media market of all U.S. professional teams, the squad has a passionate, loyal following. This extends from Green Bay to Glendale, WI, and throughout the state. Furthermore, you can find Packers fans across the country. Spending gameday in Green Bay and at Lambeau Field is a treasure that every fan should have. If you’re fortunate to have the chance to go to a game, there are some helpful guidelines you can follow to get the most out of your trip.

Where to Stay

Gameday is a huge event; however, it’s not one you need to rush through. Plan on spending at least overnight in Green Bay so you can take in some of the local sights and flavors. There are plenty of hotels close to the stadium so you won’t have to feel stressed about getting to the game on time. These accommodations come with all the amenities you would want in a hotel. Plus, many of these places have shuttle service to the stadium, so you won’t have to worry about parking. Book your room as early as you can.


If you are coming in from out of town, you’ll want to think about how to get around the city and to and from the game. For instance, just 4 miles from the stadium is the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport. For making your way through the city, you can rely on the Metro bus system. On game day, certain routes to and from Lambeau Field are free.


Across the street from the stadium is the famous Titletown. This park is open all year round. In addition, it’s a hub of activity on game days. It includes a hill for tubing in the winter, an athletic field, game courts, a playground, and an ice-skating rink. There’s even more to do here. For example, you can find spots for eating, drinking, and relaxing at any time.

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Time to Eat

You can’t go to a Packers game or head to Green Bay without enjoying the delicious food. The area around the stadium has plenty of options for lunch and dinner. Likewise, you can celebrate a big Packers’ win after the game at any number of restaurants in town.

Regardless of your preferences or needs, you’ll find it in Green Bay. You can choose anything from a quick-grab restaurant to a fine-dining experience. Be sure to try Green Bay’s famed bratwurst and cheese curd selections.

For a Green Bay Packers fan, going to a game at Lambeau Field is a dream come true. Get even more out of your trip by preparing the right way and checking out what the area has to offer.

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