The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Winter Outfit

Woman is getting winter clothes out of the closet.

Cold weather can make finding an outfit the ultimate challenge. To combat that, we have some tips to help you dress properly when the temperatures drop. No more going through your closet wondering if certain shirts will keep you warm for the cold weather outdoors!


Layers are the most important part of keeping warm in the cold. Did you know to dress for cold weather you need three layers to keep you completely warm? Layers may sound like a lot of work, but they get the job done and keep you warm. When dressing with layers you need a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. Your base layer will be your loungewear that can keep you dry. The middle layer can be a fleece or puffy jacket that can trap in as much body heat as possible. The last layer, the outer layer, should be your rain and wind gear. This last layer will protect you from the pesky weather.

Establish A Base

Fabric, fit, and thickness are what to look for when finding the perfect base layer of clothing. Keep in mind that polyesters are great for drying and wool is a great natural option, too. Make sure your clothes fit snug, not tight. You don’t want to be uncomfortable, and you don’t want your base layer to be too thick. Finding something midweight is what you will want.

Then The Middle

Also known as the insulating layer, this is the one layer you need to retain your warmth. Since this is the middle layer, you will need to find a jacket that has insulated materials. A heavyweight fleece jacket or even a puffy jacket would be a great choice for this layer. It’s all about material, thickness, and coverage when looking for a jacket.

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Lastly, Outer

Think of this as your line of defense. This last layer is what will keep all of the others dry from any rain or snow. You will want to find an outer layer that will protect from rain, have breathable protection, and have windchill protection. Don’t forget about your shoes, too. Making sure your feet are protected from the cold and wet weather will make your trip outside much more enjoyable.

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