Spring-Proof Your Vehicle With These Tips

man soaping his car.

man soaping his car.

Did you know that winter is hard on vehicles? The cold weather, rock salt, excessive moisture, and other factors can damage your car and force you to make expensive repairs. Fortunately, it’s not too late to undo the damage that winter caused and get your car ready for spring. You just need to follow these tips for springing-proof your vehicle.

Handwash Your Vehicle

First, you need to wash your car to remove the rock salt, dirt, and grime before it causes damage. Additionally, washing your car will help you assess it for damage. For instance, you might find a scratch or ding on the vehicle after cleaning it.

Fix Chipped Paint

It’s not uncommon to uncover some chipped paint after washing a car. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this problem. While some people use expensive auto paint to repair chips, you can save money by painting over the imperfection with nail polish. Paint over the clean area, let it dry, and then add another coat if needed.

What if you can’t match your paint color? If that happens, cover it with clear nail polish. It will provide some protection and prevent the chip from getting larger.

Swap Out Your Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades have been through the wringer this winter, so they might have cracks or other damage. Thus, you should change them before spring arrives. First, grab your owner’s manual to find out what size of wiper blades to get. Then, purchase some new ones and swap them out so they’ll be ready to handle the upcoming spring showers.

Check Your Washer Fluid

Your windshield washer fluid is also a deicer, meaning you use it quite a bit during the winter. You need a full reservoir of washer fluid to keep your windshield clean, preventing visibility issues. You should check your fluid and top it off if needed.

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Check Your Tires

Did you know that the temperature impacts your tire pressure? The air inside of the tires becomes dense when exposed to cold weather. Then, it expands when it warms up. Due to the fluctuating temperatures, it’s important to check your tire pressure when getting ready for spring. Then, add some air if needed and check the pressure again.

You also need to check the tread on your tires since the harsh winter weather can cause wear and tear. Grab a penny and rotate it so Lincoln’s head is upside down. Then, slide it between the tread. If you can see the top of his head after putting the penny between the tread, you need new tires.

Do you need some help spring-proofing your vehicle? David Hobbs Honda in Glendale, Wisconsin, is here to assist you. You can schedule service online, so we can inspect your car and help with maintenance and repairs.

What if your car is beyond the point of needing a simple repair or two? We can help you find a new vehicle so you can drive into spring in style. Shop online or stop by to browse our inventory of new Hondas and pre-owned vehicles.

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