How To De-Clutter Your Home For Spring

Woman organizing

Woman organizing

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming. Bees are buzzing. You’re ready to get outside and enjoy some nicer weather. Okay, the season may not typically change as fast for us here in Wisconsin as it does in other parts of the country but still, we’re on the cusp of thawing out for a few months, and that is nice. What better time than now for a little tidying of your home? Here are some tips for how to de-clutter your home for spring.

Get Your Priorities Right

You’ve got the house. You’ve got the garage. You’ve got a cupboard. You’ve got a certain closet that, well, you might be a little afraid to open one or two closets in your house. Who knows what could be in there? The point is, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with your spring cleaning. Set a schedule for yourself for what you want to get done and when.

Start With An Easy Area

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your entire home be de-cluttered in a day. Start out with a success for yourself by choosing an easy area to tackle first.

Organize Things Well

When it is time to put everything back in a nice, neat order, be sure to make sure it is all organized very well. Remember that some items need to be more accessible than others.

Let Go Of What You No Longer Need

They say if it no longer brings you joy, then it is time to say goodbye to it. Simply put, if  you don’t need it, don’t keep it. Keeping things you don’t need will only serve to clutter your home or space again very soon.

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Commit To Your Decision

Make a “keep” and a “get rid of” pile. Once you have made a decision about what belongs in the “get ride of” pile, the decision is final. Do not bring it back out again.

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