Start Your Day Off With These Filling Breakfast Ideas

Banana Pancakes with peanut butter

Banana Pancakes with peanut butter

Whether you are staying in for a snow day, or just looking to make your winter day a little more fun, we have found some amazing breakfast recipes for you to try. There is nothing better than waking up on a cold morning and starting the day with a hot breakfast. Take a look at these delicious breakfast recipes that the entire family will love!

Caramel-Pecan Monkey Bread

This caramel-coated bread will leave you dreaming of seconds. You might need to make a second batch because this sweet gooey recipe won’t last on the table long.

Sunny-Side-Up Pizza

Who said you can’t have pizza for breakfast? This recipe is the ultimate breakfast food for pizza lovers. Eggs, mozzarella cheese, bacon, peppers, and onions go great together for a morning dish.

Peanut Butter Pancakes

Add a little more to your pancakes this winter. Peanut butter pancakes are just what you need during your next snow day. The maple syrup and chopped peanuts go so well together in this delicious recipe.

Egg Burritos

If you can’t get enough of burritos, this egg burrito recipe is calling your name. It will fill you up and satisfy your cravings. Not to mention it is simple to create, so you can easily make this a part of your morning breakfast routine.

Mini Nutella Doughnuts

You can do a lot with Nutella. But have you ever thought about creating your own mini Nutella doughnut? These may take a little time, but it is worth it. You will find yourself making them every chance you get.

Quick Cherry Turnovers

If you like Pop-Tarts, cherry turnovers are right up your alley. All you need is some crescent rolls, cherry pie filling, confectioners’ sugar, and milk. This recipe is super simple and will have you ditching store-bought pop-tarts.

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Cinnamon Rolls

Trust us, homemade cinnamon rolls are the way to go. The warm, sweet rolls paired with scrambled eggs is the ultimate comfort breakfast.

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