Create This DIY Chunky Knit Blanket To Stay Warm This Fall

Pink giant, large warm merino wool plaid blanket.

Pink giant, large warm merino wool plaid blanket.

We have officially entered cozy blanket season. If you love blankets and find yourself constantly searching for the coziest throw, we have the perfect DIY for you.  The chunky knit blanket will be the best blanket you have ever had. They are not only adorable but also so soft and warm. The good thing about the chunky knit blanket is the fact that it goes well with everything. You can fold it on the couch, chairs, and even the edge of your bed. Take a look at the different ways you can create your very own chunky knit blanket in these videos.

Hand Crochet Blanket

Bella Coco shows you how to measure your yarn so it won’t tear while you are working. When hand crocheting a blanket, you need to make sure you have enough room. Depending on the size you measure out you can create it on your bed, on the couch, or in your favorite chair.

Different Braid Styles

The best thing about crocheting is the braiding styles you can choose and how simple they are to learn. You can also experiment and create any designs you think would look good for your new blanket.

Use Your Arms

If we said you could knit a beautiful cozy blanket in under an hour with only your arms and no needles, would you do it? We sure would. In just 45 minutes you can have your new blanket ready to use.

Add Color

spruce up your blanket and add some colors. It is as easy as creating any other blanket. Instead of using one color when making your chunky knit blanket, throw in some different colored yarn and add it to the mix.

Blanket Sizes

Keep in mind your blanket size when purchasing yarn. A 4-by-5-foot blanket takes 45 minutes or so to make and requires eight pounds of yarn.

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Giant Knitting Needles

If you don’t want to use your arms to knit, you can get oversized circular knitting needles. This may be easier if you have smaller hands and arms. The process would be much faster with these helpful tools.

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